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Throw out of powre the 10 Janpath chamchas

Throw out of power the 10 Janpath chamchas

Disband Congress said Mahatma Gandhi. See note at:

Since there is little chance that voluntary disbanding will occur, it is time to throw out of power the 10 Janpath chamchas. This about summarises the following two incisive analytical articles from Offstumped.

The destruction of the polity through ‘extra constitutional wedlock’ -- as Offstumped picturesquely describes -- is the most serious act of treason reducing Indian democracy to a farce. Congress should be made accountable for this.


Offstumped For all things Right of Centre
Mood of the Nation
Offstumped wishes all its reader a Happy Deepavali with these musings.

The nation is less than six months away from the next general election. If the first four decades after Independence were marked by the absolute domination of one family in presiding over the nation’s affairs the last 2 decades saw the beginning of a more level playing political field. After some political turmoil and short lived national governments the nation has finally seen two back to back full term premierships from Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh.

Perhaps it can be safely said that political stability is the only thing Vajpayee and Manmohan regimes had in common. It is useful to contrast the mood of the nation in the last 6 months of the Vajpayee regime with the Manmohan regime.

For the purpose of this exercise Offstumped examined the editorial pages of The Hindu between November of 2003 and March of 2004 with the editorial pages in the last 30 days.

It is striking that period between Nov 2003 and March 2004 was one of relative political calm across the nation. As latest as March 2004 the Vajpayee regime was firmly focused on Governance with initiatives like revamping the National Security Council to Urban reforms. There was some concern on lack of job growth but nothing of alarming proportions.

If optimistic editorials on the economy spelled the mood, here is what Offstumped found striking over a two month period between Feb and March 2004 after the Lok Sabha was dissolved Offstumped did not see a single divisive issue dominate the public debate to make its way to the editorial pages. In fact the majority of the editorials in The Hindu were on the state of the economy or foreign affairs.
Neither Divisive Identity Politics, nor Terrorism nor Caste or Class conflicts find any mention in the public debate during that period with the Gujarat riots of 2002 a faint and distant echo.

It is also striking that Communal Socialist rhetoric by the usual suspects that is so common these days makes no appearance during that entire period. The most dominant topics - Kashmir, peace talks with Pakistan, the economy and the U.S. elections.

Now contrast this with how the mood of the nation has soured over the past 5 years with the Manmohan Singh Sonia Gandhi duo presiding over the nation’s affairs.

From North to South and East to West if there is one sentiment in common it is the manner in which social conflicts have been allowed to fester and dominate the public debate. The legacy of the Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi duo is not just the utter mismanagement of the economy but a litany of conflicts that have driven deep fissures into the social fabric in areas where none existed just 4 years back.

We went from a period of successful elections in Kashmir to deep conflict over Jammu, from a period where the wounds from Gujarat Riots were forgotten to a period where no debate would begin without invoking the riots, from a period where class entitlements were given the short shrift as the nation looked forward to a high performing economy to a period where the economy is no longer managed and entitlements have become the political mantra of the day.

If Terrorism was not even a footnote in the period leading up to the last election we are now faced with not just Terrorism becoming the most dominant issue of the day but with an obscenely vulgar public debate that will view everything only from the prism of vote bank politics.

How pray did the Mood of the Nation sour from one of Optimism fuelled by limitless possibilities to one of bitterness and myopic politics ?

In the answer to that friends lies the criminal irresponsibility of the Congress Party on two counts

- the first was in the foisting on this nation a political arrangement first with the Communists and then with the Samajwadi Party that thrived on Social Conflicts from communal issues in Uttar Pradesh to caste and class issues across the country

- the second was in the foisting on this nation another political arrangement of “Power without Accountability” that saw an electile dysfunctional bureaucrat in Manmohan Singh pushing the Communal Socialist agenda of a political leader in Sonia Gandhi who sees herself as being above any kind of public scrutiny.

It was not without reason that Offstumped described thepolitics of the Congress divisive. Premised on “Progresive Liberalism” that thrives on “victimhood” and “guilt” the evidence is incontrovertible that the Congress having inherited a nation bereft of conflict has damaged its fabric irreversibly with its Communal Socialist agenda.

On the auspicious occassion of Diwali Offstumped calls upon all right thinking nationalist Indians to reflect upon this souring of the mood of the nation and give serious thought to defeating this divisive brand of politics rather than fall into its trap for nothing serves the Communal Socialists better than festering conflicts that create new classes of victims while spreading around an all pervasive emotion of guilt.

Offstumped: For all things Right of Centre

For all things Right of Centre: The Indian State adrift

When Offstumped began a look back at how the Mood of the Nation has soured since 2004 little did it expect that events would take such a dramatic turn across the nation.

It can now be safely said that the wages of Absentee Leadership and Executive Delinquency are finally being paid by citizens of India from East to the West.

It can now also be safely concluded that North Block no longer has a functioning Internal Security Executive at its helm. Some brain dead zombies may still be lurking in the corridors and finders may please return them to their respective constituencies in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh where they maybe safely put to rest.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lost his grip on governance while Congress President and UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi remains AWOL.

Reflecting back on the aberration of 2004 when an irresponsible Sonia Gandhi decided to foist a Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister , only one question comes to mind.

What was she thinking ?

Reflecting back on the more than 4 years of misery under the UPA dispensation throws up another question
How could we as citizens or voters have been so careless to have allowed such an incompetent and utterly clueless duo to ride roughshod on national affairs for 4 years ?

What were we thinking ?

Offstumped Bottomline: Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh were way over their heads when they thought they could wing it with their extra-constitutional wedlock. Managing the Indian State is way beyond their league and it is time they recognized this bitter truth and spared the rest of us the costs of their absentee leadership and executive delinquency.

Offstumped calls upon this incompetent and utterly clueless duo to dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections so we can get some real leadership and governance before it is too late.

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