Friday, October 03, 2008

Ban Congress. The movement gains momentum.

A case that was presented on the 139th birth anniversary of Gandhi is gaining momentum. Hopefully, a series of PILs will be mounted to get rid of Congress from the polity since the institution will not voluntarily disband itself. Mahatma Gandhi was himself a smart politician but even he would not have dreamt of the pathetic state to which this institution nurtured by him has reached. Today's users of the Gandhi name surrounded by 10 Janpath chamcha-s are seeing a party so devoid of ideology, so driven by personal ambitions and accumulation of ill-gotten wealth looted from the nation's poor, caring little to rid the state of islamist jihadi terror and christist evangelist evil-designs.

UPA creates a Taliban Corridor The article should outrage every citizen of Bharat.

Today's Congress is a pale imitation of that institution which was on the forefront of a Swarajyam movement. The hard-fought and won Swarajyam is at risk with deliberate steps to surrender the nation's sovereignty, nation's independent foreign policy without detailed deliberations on geopolitical strategic options for Bharat as an active participant of an Indian Ocean Community and in the comity of nations.


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